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About us

PADMA Co., Ltd is one of leading Halal food distributors in Japan, supplying directly to Retail, Food Service, Wholesale and Consumers. Trust and Integrity are at the heart of our business and it has allowed us to build unrivalled partnerships with our customers.

With 30 years of experience in Halal food market in Japan, our commitment aspiring to the highest standards of quality and service ideally placed us to meet & exceed our customer’s requirements.

The company has invested in the standards, processes, training, product development and delivery methods necessary to provide unrivalled expertise in Halal food market in Japan. Supply chain integration, processing efficiency and after-sales service are core parts of our business. We take particular pride in our business model which enables us to meet & exceed the customer requirements.

Padma Co., Ltd imports Halal foods from Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Tunisia and other overseas countries and deliver it directly to our customers. It assures quality and competitive costs. Also with a comprehensive range of Halal food products, the company is the market leader in Japan.

Company profile

Company Name
PADMA Co., Ltd
Halal Foods Imports, Halal foods processing Halal supermarket(Bongobazar), Restaurant,
Managing Director
Badal Chaklader
(Chairperson, Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan)
Head Office Address
〒341-0012 263 Hanta, Misato, Saitama
September 12,1989
Number of Operations
Head office/meat processing plant, Distribution Center 2, Retail 3(including a supermarket), a group company in Bangladesh
Number of Employee
81(including part timers)
Annual Sales
2,083 million yen(2019.Sep ~2020.Aug)
Chiba Bank Misato-Chuo Branch, Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank Gotanno Branch, Saitama Resona Bank Misato Branch


263 Hanta, Misato, Saitama